Forum Session

Patient-Centered Care, Payment, and Policy: The Leading Edge
November 17, 2014


Lisa Sprague, MBA & Michael Millenson, Consultant


Concerns about health care quality, costs, and economic stability are driving a variety of efforts among providers to re-engineer care delivery by putting patients at the center of care. Within the policymaker and payer communities, these efforts are focusing attention on ways to measure and reward attention and accountability to the patient. Driven in part by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and other payers have incorporated metrics of patient-centeredness into quality reporting requirements and have begun adjusting payment incentives as well. With payment at stake, there is substantial interest in the ability to measure and manage in ways that are fair to providers and yet also encourage, not stifle, further delivery reform. This Forum session looked at leading edge organizations and their efforts to measure and reward quality with the use of patient feedback. Many hope that work such as this will ultimately drive significant changes in how care is delivered.


Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH (bio)
Professor of Medicine
Clinical Excellence Research Center
Stanford University

Joe Boyce, MD, MS (bio)
Chief Information Officer & Chief Medical Information Officer
Heartland Health/Mosaic Life Care (Missouri)

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