Forum Session

Medicaid Health Homes: Delivery System Glue for People with Chronic Health Conditions
December 13, 2013


Jessamy Taylor, MPP


Section 2703 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act authorized the Medicaid health home benefit to intensively coordinate the care of enrollees with chronic health conditions like diabetes, asthma, a serious mental illness, or substance use disorder, among others. Fourteen states are currently implementing Medicaid health home models approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. This Forum session explored the variety of ways states have designed their programs, the challenges they are experiencing, and the results they have achieved. The experiences of Iowa and New York were examined in depth.


Kathy Moses, MPH (bio)
Senior Program Officer
Center for Health Care Strategies

Marni Bussell, PMP (bio)
Project Manager
Iowa Medicaid Enterprise

Gregory S. Allen, MSW (bio)
Division of Program Development and Management
Office of Health Insurance Programs
New York State Department of Health

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