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Pioneering Transformation: Technology, Data, and Safety Net Outcomes
November 18, 2010


Lisa Sprague, MBA


The Institute for Family Health, a network of community health centers serving a safety net population in New York City, is headed by Neil Calman, MD, one of the visionary leaders that the Forum has come to know as a result of a site visit. In this Forum session, Dr. Calman talked about how the Institute uses health information technology to support quality improvement, patient safety, care coordination, and public health. Paperless since 2002, the Institute uses data from electronic records to measure performance, manage chronic conditions, spot infectious disease outbreaks, and reduce health care disparities. Dr. Calman believes that the key to practice redesign and care transformation is getting clinicians to share the vision of what care should be and then to join in the effort to make it come true.


Neil Calman, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Family Health

Slides from Dr. Calman's remarks are available for download.

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See also the report of the Forum's site visit to New York (April 2010; report published July 2010).

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