Forum Session

100 Years After Flexner: Time for Innovation in Medical Education?
November 4, 2010


William J. Scanlon, PhD, Consultant & Rob Cunningham, Consultant


This Forum session explored challenges to undergraduate medical education resulting from the rapid expansion of scientific knowledge, the increasing complexity of clinical processes, and expected future demands on the health care workforce for improved quality, efficiency, and access. Speakers discussed evidence of the need for change, current efforts to innovate, and obstacles to implementing recommendations that several medical leadership groups have proposed. Further detail and discussion about innovative programs at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Mt. Sinai School of Medicine were included.


Michael Whitcomb, MD, Professorial Lecturer in Health Policy, School of Public Health and Health Services, George Washington University; Ramona Burdine, MD, Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Education,
Regional Chair, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Texas Tech University; David Muller, MD,
Associate Professor, Dean for Medical Education, Chair, Department of Medical Education, Mt. Sinai Medical School; M. Brownell (Brownie) Anderson, Senior Director for Educational Affairs, Association of American Medical Colleges

Slides from the presentations by Dr. Whitcomb, Dr. Burdine, and Ms. Anderson are available for download.

Related Materials

For an overview, see "The Medical Education of Physicians" (Background Paper, February 17, 2010).

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