Forum Session

Incorporating Innovations in Health Care: Workforce Implications
June 11, 2010


Lisa Sprague, MBA


There is widespread agreement that Americans want a health care system that is effective, efficient, patient-centered, and integrated. It should be able to reflect the underlying disease burden, with more attention to chronic care and health promotion. Central to this vision is a workforce trained, configured, and deployed in new and more forward-looking ways. Technology has a key role to play. So do patients and families, whose values and preferences will inform their care.

There is no agreement yet on how to achieve the desired outcome. While it is important that policy begin to move us toward the vision, it is also important that it permit--and capitalize upon--innovation. How can we be ready to take advantage of breakthroughs in clinical knowledge and technological advances? How can we prepare a workforce to accommodate and manage change? How can we be sure that we are enabling a better future, rather than extending a dysfunctional present? In this Forum session, Dr. Mark Smith, a visionary thinker and keen student of technology and innovation in health care, focused on changes needed in the health care workforce, from how medical students are trained to who makes up the ideal health care team to working with the patient in shared medical decision making.


Mark Smith, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer, California HealthCare Foundation

Slides from Dr. Smith's presentation are available for download.

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