Small-Group Session

Diversifying the Health Policy Workforce: Mentoring
July 24, 2009


Judith Miller Jones, MA


As part of a series of small-group meetings for those interested in diversifying the health policy workforce, this session examined the role of mentoring in retaining and developing minorities in the federal workforce. It examined current mentoring programs and practices in the executive branch and on Capitol Hill. The discussion centered on the value of mentoring, various approaches and programs, and experience within the executive branch. This was contrasted with the informal, and often limited, mentoring that takes place on Capitol Hill. Participants discussed the barriers to mentoring, particularly for persons of color, ways to overcome those barriers, and options for expanding mentoring opportunities for minority individuals pursuing careers in health policy. Participants included individuals from federal executive agencies, health policy groups, philanthropy, public policy centers, and academia.


Karen E. Simpson, Human Resources Specialist, Center for Learning, Executive Resources & Policy Analysis (CLERPA), Office of Personnel Management; Mark Goldman, Senior Human resource Development Specialist, Office of Human Capital Management, Talent Cultivation Office, NASA; Sue Porter Beffel, Program Coordinator of the Civil Service Mentoring Program, U.S. Department of State; Aranthan "A.J." Jones, Principal, The Podesta Group (formerly Policy and Research Director, Office of the House Majority Whip, U.S. House of Representatives); Natane Singleton, Consultant

Related Materials

"Best Practices: Mentoring" (U.S. Office of Personnel Management, September 2008).

See also a previous Forum-sponsored workshop on this topic, "Diversifying the Health Policy Workforce" (October 31, 2007).

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