Small-Group Session

Encouraging Cost-Reducing Innovations in Health Care: New Technology Apps, New Business Models
July 17, 2009


Lisa Sprague, MBA


Amidst reform efforts to improve health care delivery and bring spending under control, system transformation remains a high priority for many. Where is our health care system heading as a result of new technologies and new knowledge and innovations in the structure and processes of care? How might attention to new business models, some already under development, guide decision making and alter our course for the better? Is there a path to meaningful cost containment?

To explore these and other questions, the Forum convened a seniors-only conversation with Mark Smith, MD, president of the California HealthCare Foundation. One of the Forum's most highly-rated, thought-provoking speakers, Dr. Smith spends much of his time looking at technology, innovation, and organizational change and how they can be harnessed to reduce health care costs. He based his remarks in part on an article written with James C. Robinson of the University of California, Berkeley, "Cost-Reducing Innovation in Health Care," published in the September/October 2008 edition of Health Affairs.


Mark Smith, MD, President, California HealthCare Foundation

Slides from the presentation by Dr. Smith are available for download.

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