Issue Brief

No. 829

Reauthorizing SCHIP: A Summary of Selected Issues
January 8, 2009


Jennifer Ryan & Cynthia Shirk, Consultant


This document provides a brief overview of some of the policy and programmatic issues that were addressed in legislation to reau¬thorize the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (Title XXI of the Social Security Act) during the summer and fall of 2007. This overview provides a background for understanding the elements for a second round of reauthorization that will likely be debated in the early days of the 111th Congress. The paper reviews several of the key issues under discussion and summarizes some of the related provisions in the reauthorization bills that were considered in 2007.

Related Materials

See also, "Covering All Kids: States Setting the Pace" (Issue Brief No. 826, September 30, 2008), "Premium Assistance in Medicaid and SCHIP: Ace in the Hole or House of Cards?" (Issue Brief No. 812, July 17, 2006), and "SCHIP: Coming of Age or Stuck in Adolescence?" (Forum Session, July 27, 2007).

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