Small-Group Session

Working the System: Filling Jobs During Presidential Transitions
September 10, 2008


Judith D. Moore & Safiya Mojerie


The presidential election in 2008 will involve a transition to new leadership in January 2009, and regardless of which political party is the victor, there will be significant opportunities for filling jobs in a new administration. This session convened a group of individuals from Capitol Hill, federal executive agencies, health policy groups, philanthropic foundations, public policy centers, and academic training centers to discuss opportunities that might become available in a transition to hire more people of color and other individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds into health policy positions. Because so many changes in personnel accompany a presidential transition, both the executive and legislative branches of government will likely see significant personnel changes with many health policy positions open. Participants heard about the hiring processes from an historical, political, administrative, and legal perspective from speakers who have extensive experience in past presidential and congressional transitions. Resources for job seekers were part of the dialogue, along with brainstorming about guidance to provide to potential job seekers. The opportunities and potential for diversifying the health policy workforce during the 2009 transition were considered, along with ways to more systematically address these critical issues.


Comments by: Lynn Jennings, JD, formerly U.S. Merit and Systems Protection Board Senior Executive, currently Executive Vice President, Council for Excellence in Government; Robin Carle, formerly Chief of Staff to HHS Secretary, currently Executive Director, Sullivan Alliance to Transform America's Health Professions, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies; Robert Valdez, PhD, formerly HHS Senior Executive, currently Executive Director, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy, University of New Mexico; Judith D. Moore, formerly Senior Federal Executive, currently Senior Fellow, National Health Policy Forum

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For further information see, "Diversifying the Health Policy Workforce,” a small-group session held by the Forum on October 31, 2007.

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