Completing the Recipe for Children's Health: New Variations on Key Ingredients
June 28, 2007


Jennifer Ryan


This National Health Policy Forum workshop discussion was designed to consider the existing evidence base around social and environmental determinants on children's health and take the discussion to the next level to consider action steps. Participants offered insights into their experiences implementing community-based intervention strategies and discussed some of the barriers to success, including silos across financing streams, lack of coordination among government programs, and the general absence of political will to address population-based solutions. The workshop also identified some potential changes that could be made at the federal level to begin to incorporate the social determinants model into considerations for expanding children's health insurance coverage. A report describing background on these issues and the discussion from the workshop is also available.

Workshop participants included:
Charles Bruner, PhD, Executive Director, Iowa Child and Family Policy Center; Debbie I. Chang, MPH, Senior Vice President and Executive Director, Nemours Health and Prevention Services; Helen M. DuPlessis, MD, MPH, Assistant Clinical Professor, Pediatrics, UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities; Paul H. Dworkin, MD, Physician-in-Chief, Connecticut Children's Medical Center; Amy Fine, MPH, BSN, Health Policy/Program Consultant; Lisa Klein, PhD, Director, Early Childhood Initiatives, Kansas Health Institute; Deborah Klein Walker, EdD, Vice President, Health Division, Abt Associates, Inc.; Marsha Lillie-Blanton, DrPH, Senior Advisor on Race, Ethnicity and Health Care, The Kaiser Family Foundation; Jeanita W. Richardson, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership, Virginia State University; Anne Schwartz, PhD, Vice President, Grantmakers in Health; Loel Solomon, PhD, National Director of Community Health Initiatives and Evaluation, Community Benefit Program, Kaiser Permanente Health Plan, Inc.

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See also the report compiled from this session.

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