Forum Session

Not All Smiles: Access to Oral Health Care for Low-Income Children
April 20, 2007


Jessamy Taylor, MPP


This Forum session examined the current oral health status of low-income children and discussed what is known about their access to dental services through public health insurance programs. Speakers highlighted a number of state, local, and private sector strategies to improve oral health access, and the discussion addressed the appropriate federal role in these efforts.


Burton L. Edelstein, DDS, Professor of Dentistry and Health Policy & Management, Columbia University, and Founding Director and Board Chair, Children’s Dental Health Project

With a Discussion Featuring:
Dan Brody, DMD, Chief of Oral Health and Health Science Education, Valley Health Systems, Inc., Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Dental Practice and Rural Health, School of Dentistry, West Virginia University; Todd Cruse, Senior Vice President of Development and Government Relations, FORBA (For Better Access) Dental Management; Shelly Gehshan, Senior Program Director, National Academy for State Health Policy; Mary G. McIntyre, MD, Medical Director, Alabama Medicaid Agency

Slides from the presentations by Dr. Edelstein and Ms. Gehshan are available for download.

Related Materials

For additional information, see Jennifer Ryan, “Improving Oral Health: Promise and Prospects,” National Health Policy Forum, Background Paper, June 13, 2003.

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