Forum Session

Complexity, Coordination and Compromise: States and the Medicare Drug Benefit
August 4, 2006


Judith D. Moore & Jennifer Ryan


This invitation-only Forum session focused on implementation issues related to the new Medicare drug benefit that began on January 1, 2006, with special consideration of state activities, problems, and concerns. A facilitated discussion brought together current and former state Medicaid directors, other state officials and experts, federal officials, Medicare drug plan representatives, and beneficiary advocates to discuss the special issues related to the transition for dual eligibles from Medicaid drug coverage to Medicare Part D. Participants described implementation experiences and addressed continuing challenges, such as better use and sharing of data and information technology, financial impact on states, new roles for plans and states, and the enhancement of communications and partnerships to better serve dual eligibles and other low-income beneficiaries of the new drug benefit.


Gale Arden, Director, Disabled, Elderly Health Programs Group, Center for Medicaid and State Operations, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; Melanie Bella, Vice President, Policy, Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc.; Richard Cauchi, Pharmaceuticals Project, Health Program Director, National Conference of State Legislatures; Bob Donnelly, Vice President, Government Programs, MemberHealth; Charlene Frizzera, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Office of the Administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; Carol Herrmann-Steckel, Commissioner, Alabama Medicaid Agency; Jack Hoadley, PhD, Research Professor, Health Policy Institute, Georgetown University; Joy Johnson Wilson, Health Policy Director, National Conference of State Legislatures; Mary Kennedy, Vice President, State Public Policy, Evercare and Ovations; Ann Kohler, Director of States Medicaid Program, State of New Jersey; Robert Maruca, Director of Medical Assistance, Medical Assistance Administration, District of Columbia, Department of Health; Chuck Milligan, JD, Executive Director, Center for Health Program Development & Management, University of Maryland Baltimore County; Lynn Mitchell, MD, Medicaid Director, Oklahoma Health Care Authority; Lee Partridge, Health Policy Advisor, National Partnership for Women & Families; William Scanlon, PhD, Consultant, National Health Policy Forum; Andy Schneider, Senior Advisor, Office of Health Policy, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; Sarah L. Spector, Staff Attorney, DC Legal Aid Society; James Verdier, JD, Senior Fellow, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.

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The report from this meeting was published December 6, 2006.

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