Forum Session

Medicare Provider Payments: Proposals from MedPAC and the Administration
March 31, 2006


Laura A. Dummit


Each year, the March report of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) and the President’s budget shape policy and political debates about how much Medicare should pay providers. The backdrop for this year’s proposals is the rapid increase in program expenditures and the expected surge in spending due to the aging of the “baby boom” generation. MedPAC and the Bush administration want to slow the growth in payment rates, which provider groups assail as payment “cuts.” This Forum session examined the rationale for these recommendations and how MedPAC and the administration will confront the challenges of readying the Medicare program for the next year and beyond.


Mark Miller, PhD, Executive Director, Medicare Payment Advisory Commission; Herb Kuhn, Director, Center for Medicare Management, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; Kathy Means, Senior Health Policy Adviser, Arnold & Porter, LLP; Elizabeth Fowler, Principal, Health Policy Alternatives

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