Site Visit

Redesigning Practice to Improve Care Delivery (Boston)
December 4–6, 2005


Laura A. Dummit & Lisa Sprague, MBA


This site visit focused on how the practice of medicine is changing or can be changed to improve care delivery across the spectrum of patient populations. Regarded as a “medical Mecca,” Boston is home to the academic health centers and teaching hospitals where many of the nation’s physicians are trained. As a center of innovation, Boston prides itself on its high bar with respect to standards of care. Panels addressed the used of clinical information technology (IT) in the physician’s office, in the hospital, and community-wide. Participants observed how IT is being used to further the mission of community health centers. Physician-managers described initiatives in their practices to design workflows and develop incentives that would encourage physicians to achieve quality and resource-use goals. Communication among physicians, other providers, and patients was examined, with emphasis on health literacy and cultural sensitivity.

Related Materials

For details on participants' impressions, see the Site Visit Report, published March 6, 2006.

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