Forum Session

Financing Health Care in Retirement: A Day Late and a Dollar Short?
February 24, 2006


Sally Coberly, PhD


This Forum session reviewed projections of health care expenses in retirement and examined the ability of current and future retirees to finance these expenses. The outlook for factors that affect financial security in retirement, such as retiree health benefits, savings rates, and Medicare financing, was reviewed; the effectiveness of various savings vehicles, such as health savings accounts, to meet the challenge of saving for health care expenses in retirement was also discussed. A consumer perspective on how current retirees are coping with health care expenses was offered.


Dallas Salisbury, President and Chief Executive Officer, Employee Benefit Research Institute; Stan Hinden, Journalist and Author

Slides from the presentation by Mr. Salisbury are available for download.

Related Materials

See also the Background Paper "Health Benefits in Retirement: Set for Extinction?" by Mark Merlis for the National Health Policy Forum (February 8, 2006).

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