Background Paper

Children with Special Health Care Needs: Minding the Gaps
June 27, 2005


Christie Provost Peters


This background paper examines the issue of children with special health care needs and their interaction with the health care system. Results from recent national and state surveys and studies were used to review the medical expenditures, utilization, and insurance coverage of these children. The paper also discusses weaknesses within the private and public delivery and financing systems that may hinder the access of certain families with children with special health care needs to important services.

Related Materials

For more recent information on this topic, see "EPSDT: Medicaid’s Critical but Controversial Benefits Program for Children" (Issue Brief No. 819, November 20, 2006) and "Children with Special Health Care Needs and the Role of Medicaid’s Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Program" (Forum Session, December 8, 2006).

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