Forum Session

Measuring Public Health Preparedness: Are We Ready Yet?
June 3, 2005


Eileen Salinsky


This Forum session examined the current status of state and local public health preparedness capabilities and explored methods for monitoring readiness in the future. Current efforts to define preparedness standards, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance for the state cooperative agreements and the Department of Homeland Security’s Target Capabilities List, were discussed. The need for multiple metrics and performance assessment techniques was examined from federal, state, and local perspectives.


Nicole Lurie, MD, Senior Natural Scientist and Professor of Health Policy, RAND Corporation; Stephan G. Reissman, PhD, Public Health Advisor, Coordinating Office of Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Elin Gursky, ScD, Principal Deputy for Biodefense, ANSER/Analytic Services; Shelley Hearne, DrPH, Executive Director, Trust for America’s Health; Darren F. Collins, Director, Center for Public Health Preparedness at the Dekalb County (Georgia) Board of Health; and Michelle Davis, Deputy Secretary for Health Planning and Assessment, Pennsylvania Department of Health

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