Forum Session

Checking the Vital Signs of the Health Care Safety Net
September 29, 2003


Eileen Salinsky


This Forum session explored the current status of the health care safety net and the unmet needs of patients served by safety net providers. The session also considered recent research and current proposals designed to monitor systematically the safety net’s strength and financial stability. The policy implications of using an organized monitoring mechanism, such as the Safety Net Organizations and Patients Advisory Commission (SNOPAC) model, were also examined.


Raymond J. Baxter, PhD, Senior Vice President, Community Benefit, Kaiser Permanente; E. Frank Ellis, Chairman, Board of Directors, Swope Health Services; Thomas Garthwaite, MD, Director and Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health Services, Los Angeles County; Patricia Hayes, PhD, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Seton Health Care Network; Arthur Kellerman, MD, Professor and Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine; Patricia White, Administrator, West Virginia Health Right

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