Small-Group Session

TANF Redux: Update on Implementation of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program in Three Communities.
April 24, 2003


Randy A. Desonia


This meeting provided an update on welfare reform implementation in three communities that were the focus of recent National Health Policy Forum site visits. Speakers described the rising caseload resulting from the slow economy and discussed how their agencies were modifying policies in response to declining state funds and the draining of federal TANF surpluses. The speakers also described how their programs might change in response to the various reauthorization proposals being debated by Congress, including raising the work participation rate to 70 percent, increasing the work week requirement to 40 hours, and limiting funding increases for child care services.


David Berns, Director, El Paso County Department of Human Services, Colorado; Gary Langdon, Executive Director, Lycoming County Assistance Services, Pennsylvania; Jerome Stepaniak, W2-Director, Welfare Reform Division, Maximus, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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