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Too Few? Too Many? The Right Kind? Physician Supply in an Aging and Multicultural Society
September 10, 2002


Nora Super


This meeting examined trends in the supply of physicians and the market, regulatory, and political forces that have influenced them. Discussants focused on physician training and the extent to which medical doctors are prepared to care for an increasingly diverse and aging population. Participants also considered the role of the federal government in educating physicians — especially as it relates to Medicare subsidies for graduate medical education and Title VII funding.


Kevin Grumbach, MD, Director, Center for California Health Workforce Studies, and Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of California, San Francisco; Brenda Armstrong, MD, Associate Dean and Director of Admissions, Duke University School of Medicine; Robert Dickler, Senior Vice President for Health Care Affairs, Association of American Medical Colleges; Fitzhugh Mullan, MD, Contributing Editor, Health Affairs; Julian Pettengill, Research Director, Medicare Payment Advisory Commission; Gregg Warshaw, MD, Director, Office of Geriatric Medicine, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Related Materials

The session highlighted a paper, entitled "A Fighting Hand to Hand over Physician Workforce Policy: The Invisible Hand of the Market Meets the Heavy Hand of Government Planning," by Kevin Grumbach, MD, featured in the September 2002 edition of Health Affairs.

See also "The U.S. Health Workforce: Definitions, Dollars, and Dilemmas" (Background Paper, April 2003).

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