Forum Session

Reconsidering Medicare+Choice: What Options Remain?
November 28, 2001


Nora Super


This meeting examined instability in the Medicare+Choice (M+C) program and alternative ways to pay managed care organizations contracting with Medicare. In particular, it focused on whether or not M+C payments should be linked to local fee-for-spending and/or be tied to quality of care. A Health Affairs Web Exclusives paper written by Robert A. Berenson, "Medicare+Choice: Doubling or Disappearing?" discusses these alternatives.


Robert A. Berenson, MD, Senior Advisor, Academy for Health Services Research and Health Policy; Joseph R. Antos, PhD, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute; John Bertko, FSA, Vice President and Chief Actuary, Humana, Inc.; Robert Reischauer, President, Urban Institute; Linda Fishman, Special Assistant to the Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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