Forum Session

Physician Connectivity: Electronic Prescribing
February 23, 2000


Robin J. Strongin


This session focused on physician connectivity — the electronic linking of physicians with online resources such as clinical databases and sophisticated formulary systems. As physician connectivity increasingly allowed physicians to prescribe online via a handheld computer complete with formulary information as well as patient data and drug information, this session examined the issues raised by this technological advance within the broader context of online prescribing. The use of information technology in managing pharmacy risk was highlighted, as were issues of electronic commerce, the intended and unintended consequences of this technology, and its effect on various stakeholders as traditional relationships were being redefined.


Jean Paul Gagnon, PhD, Director, Health Policy, Aventis Pharmaceuticals; David J. Gibson, MD, President,, Inc.; Helene Levens Lipton, PhD, Professor, Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine, University of California at San Francisco; Harold M. Koenig, MD, Surgeon General (retired), U.S. Navy; Dennis O'Dell, RPh, Corporate Vice President, Walgreen Co.

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More information available in the accompanying publication, Issue Brief No. 752.

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