Forum Session

Medicare Competitive Pricing: Lessons Being Learned in Phoenix and Kansas City
November 8, 1999


Nora Super


As policymakers scrutinized two Medicare competitive bidding demonstration projects set to take place in Phoenix and Kansas City, this Forum session explored the lessons already being learned in those cities about the types of issues necessary to consider in order to have Medicare pay health plans in a competitive manner. The areas discussed included design considerations such as plan eligibility and participation, the standard benefit package, the bidding process, and the government contribution to premiums. The meeting also explored the reasons for opposition to the project. Finally, it examined the relationship of this demonstration to broader efforts to reform the Medicare program.


James Cubbin, Chairman, Competitive Pricing Advisory Commission (CPAC), and Executive Director, Health Care Initiatives, General Motors Corporation; Robert Berenson, MD, Co-Chairman, CPAC, and Director, Center for Health Plans and Providers, Health Care Financing Administration; E.J. Holland, Jr., Chairman, Kansas City Area Advisory Commission, and Assistant Vice President for Corporate Benefits, Sprint Corporation; Joseph P. Anderson, Chairman, Phoenix-Maricopa Area Advisory Commission, and President and CEO, Schaller Anderson Incorporated; Robert Reischauer, PhD, CPAC Member, and Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

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More information available in the accompanying publication, Issue Brief No. 750.

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