Forum Session

CHIP and Medicaid Outreach and Enrollment: A Hands-on Look at Marketing and Applications
October 19, 1999


Judith D. Moore


Posters, flyers, applications, videos and a variety of marketing materials designed by states to reach out to and enroll eligible children and adults in CHIP and Medicaid were displayed at this Forum session. Speakers described federal issues and problems related to the outreach, enrollment, and application processes for these programs, as well as successful collaborative efforts at the state and local level. Representatives of Maryland, California, Kansas, and Pennsylvania described the processes in their states. Twenty of the meeting participants worked in an adjoining room with caseworkers from the four featured states to engage in a mock application process, using fake identities to review the requirements that a CHIP or Medicaid applicant would have to meet to qualify for each state's program.


Sarah Shuptrine, President, Southern Institute on Children and Families; Donna Cohen Ross, Director of Outreach, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities; Debbie I. Chang, MPH, Deputy Secretary, Health Care Financing, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; Karen Czapanskiy, Professor of Law, University of Maryland; Richard Figueroa, Deputy Legislative Secretary, Office of Gov. Gray Davis, State of California; Al Hernandez-Santana, Outreach Coordinator, California Primary Care Association; Susan Kannar, Kansas HealthWave Implementation Director, Health Care Policy Division, Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services; Dennis Priest, Manager, Economic Support, Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services; Patricia Stromberg, Executive Director, Pennsylvania's Children's Health Insurance Program, Pennsylvania Department of Insurance; George Hoover, Director, Division of Health Services, Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare; Patricia Redmond, Health Director, Philadelphia Citizens for Children and Youth; Nancy Parker, Human Services Specialist and Trainer for Family Investment Counselors, Frederick County (Maryland) Social Services; Kim Nguyen, Operations Associate, Health for All (California); Margretta Fosse, Manager, State Staff, HealthWave Clearing House (Kansas); Lynn Reinhold, Income Maintenance Program Specialist, Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

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More information available in the accompanying publication, Issue Brief No. 748.

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