Forum Session

Substance Abuse Prevention: Could an Improved D.A.R.E. Program Help Bridge the Gap between Research and Practice?
April 15, 1999


Coimbra Sirica, Consultant


This Forum session explored substance abuse prevention research and the extent of its use in the development and implementation of prevention programs. A particular focus was the school-based Drug Abuse Resistance Education program, D.A.R.E. Begun in 1983 by the Los Angeles Police Department, D.A.R.E. was categorized as popular across the country with school districts, law enforcement, and parents but as not always shown to be effective in drug abuse prevention. Speakers described the need for and status of prevention research, the D.A.R.E. program and its recent initiatives to work with the research community to enhance program effectiveness, and the experiences of a community to find and implement model prevention programs.


Herbert D. Kleber, MD, Director, Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, Columbia University; William F. Alden, Consultant and Former Deputy Director, D.A.R.E. America; W. Michael Bigner, Director of Special Programs, Venice Foundation, Venice, FL; Dennis P. Rosenbaum, PhD, Head, Department of Criminal Justice, University of Illinois, Chicago

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More information available in the accompanying publication, Issue Brief No. 737.

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