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Providing Outpatient Prescription Drugs through Medicare: Can We Afford To? Can We Afford Not To?
April 8, 1999


Robin J. Strongin


As members of Congress and administration officials continued to grapple with whether, how, and to what extent to provide outpatient prescription drug coverage to Medicare beneficiaries, this initial session in a series planned by the Forum placed the debate in context. A history of the previous ill-fated attempts to legislate this benefit was provided as were highlights of the clinical advances that have revolutionized the pharmaceutical armamentarium. A panel of experts described tools developed to manage the utilization and cost of drugs.


Michael Pollard, MPH, JD, Partner, Michaels, Wishner & Bonner, PC; Jean Paul Gagnon, PhD, Director, Health Policy, Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc.; Elizabeth Dichter, Executive Vice President, Strategic Marketing, PCS Health Systems, Inc.; W. Gary Erwin, PharmD, Vice President, Health Systems Programs, Omnicare, Inc.; Ann E. Koci, Commissioner of Adult and Medical Services, Topeka, Kansas and Chair, Pharmacy Technical Advisory Group, National Association of State Medicaid Directors

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More information available in the accompanying Background Paper.

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