Forum Session

Physician Organizations Assuming Risk: Market and Policy Implications
November 9, 1998


Sandra M. Foote & Lisa Sprague, MBA


As a preliminary to a site visit scheduled for the following week, speakers at this session gave an overview of the evolution and current experience of physician groups in southern California. The basics of contracting were covered, and the flow of the premium dollar traced from the purchaser via the health plan to the physician group and ultimately the individual provider. California's pattern of HMOs contracting with large, well-organized groups was contrasted with the pattern of HMOs contracting directly with individual practices that prevails in the east. It was agreed that the California model holds both promise and cautions for the rest of the country.


Lawrence P. Casalino, MD, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stanford University; Joan B. Trauner, PhD, Principal, Reden & Anders

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More information available in the accompanying publication, Issue Brief No. 727.

See also "Plans and Providers: Risk, Accountability, and Staying Power" (Site Visit Report, November 1998) and "Managed Care: As Good As It Gets?" (Site Visit Report, January 2002).

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