Site Visit

Site Visit to New Jersey — State and County Experiences with Welfare Reform and Access to Health Care
May 26–28,1998


Michael Anzick & Richard Hegner


This site visit was the second in a series to examine what is occurring at the state and local level with respect to welfare reform, Medicaid, public health, and safety net and other supportive services. During this visit, policymaker discovered how state officials, directors, and front-line staff at urban and suburban county welfare offices are working with clients to move them off the welfare rolls into jobs and providing the support services necessary for job retention; heard from clients about how programmatic changes are affecting them and their families; learned how the role of safety net health care and temporary housing providers is being affected by the reforms; and heard the perspective of advocates for and providers of services about how the reforms are affecting the economic status of the low-income population.

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For details on participants' impressions, see the Site Visit Report.

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