The Health Insurance Reform Project (HIRP) was a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization at the George Washington University, founded in 1995 to foster improvements in health insurance and health care. The papers developed by HIRP staff and consultants were intended to stimulate discussion of emerging trends and policy proposals. As a courtesy to the health policy community, selected papers published by HIRP from 1995 to 2007 are available here. From 2005 through 2012, HIRP was home to the "Rapid Learning Health System" project, supported by grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Administering a Medicaid + Tax Credits Initiative
HIRP and NASHP / Project Report — February 28, 2007
Authors: Lynn Etheredge, Judith D. Moore, Sonya Schwartz & Alan Weil

Chronic Care Improvement in FFS Medicare: Cosmetic or Transforming?
HIRP Research Brief No. 13 — May 2004
Author: Sandra M. Foote, ScM

Federal Health Web Sites: Current & Future Roles
HIRP Research Brief No. 12 — September 2002
Author: Carol Cronin

Quality Incentives for Medicare + Choice Plans
HIRP Research Brief No. 11 — August 2002
Authors: Lynn Etheredge, Robert Berenson & Jack Ebeler

Strategies to Improve Consumer Health Information Services
HIRP Research Brief No. 10 — January 2002
Authors: Sandra M. Foote, ScM & Lynn Etheredge

Health Insurance Tax Credits for Workers: An Efficient and Effective Administrative System
HIRP Research Brief No. 9 — September 2001
Author: Lynn Etheredge

Affordable Health Benefits for Workers without Employer Coverage
HIRP Research Brief No. 8 — February 1998
Authors: Lynn Etheredge & Stanley Jones

Consumers, Gag Rules, and Health Plans: Strategies for a Patient-Focused Market
HIRP Research Brief No. 7 — May 1997
Authors: Lynn Etheredge & Stanley Jones

Paradigm Shifts in Medicare Reform
HIRP Research Brief No. 6 — April 1996
Authors: Lynn Etheredge & Stanley Jones

Medicare Reform: A Model for National Healthcare Reform?
HIRP Research Brief No. 5 — April 1996
Author: Lynn Etheredge

Medicare in a Consumer-Choice Environment: Competitor or Residual Program?
HIRP Research Brief No. 4 — January 1996
Author: Lynn Etheredge

Why Not the Best for the Chronically Ill?
HIRP Research Brief No. 3 — January 1996
Author: Stanley Jones

Reengineering Medicare: From Bill-Paying Insurer to Accountable Purchaser
HIRP Research Brief No. 2 — June 1995
Author: Lynn Etheredge

Pharmacy Benefit Management: The Right Prescription?
HIRP Research Brief No. 1 — April 1995
Author: Lynn Etheredge

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