Health Policy Essentials

This page highlights the Forum's work on the fundamentals of health policy. These products were designed especially for those new to the Hill or covering a health policy issue new to them, as resources for a good starting point.


At the beginning of each new Congress, the Forum held Health Policy Essentials (HPE) briefings for new congressional staff to help them get up to speed on health policy topics. The briefing book from our 2015 sessions compiles all the speaker slides, background materials, and other resources in one place for easy reference. A list of common health care acronyms and a glossary of health care terms are also available.

Also see our YouTube page! We recorded some of our sessions for the 2015 HPE briefings, including discussions of national health care spending, Medicare, Medicaid, and more.


The Forum maintained a set of short primers that answer key questions on programs and practices. Below is a list of most recent Basics, listed by broad topic: Medicare, Medicaid & CHIP, Public Health & Safety Net, Aging & Long-Term Care, and Quality & Workforce.

In addition, slides from the 2010 Forum session, "How a Law Becomes a Reg" may be of interest. Although not listed here, the Forum also published many issue briefs and background papers that include overviews of major programs and issues. Check out the topics on the left side of each page, or use the search function to see what's available.


Medicaid & CHIP

Public Health & Safety Net

Aging & Long-Term Care

Quality & Workforce

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