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Health Policy Essentials 2015

The Health Policy Essentials briefings were designed to help new and returning congressional staff get up to speed on many of the essentials of health policy. For this 2015 series, speakers provided overviews of the major programs and issues at hand, including Medicare, Public Health, Medicaid & CHIP, private health insurance, and the health care workforce, and helped identify some of the key areas of focus likely to come into play during this congressional session.

This briefing book compiles the recordings of presentations (when permission has been given), speakers' slides, materials provided, and additional resources identified for each session. As a collection, this briefing book provides a broad base for the fundamentals of health policy.


Tab 1 Medicare and Health Care Spending
Tab 2 Public Health
Tab 3 Medicaid & CHIP
Tab 4 Private Health Insurance and Exchanges
Tab 5 The Health Care Workforce
Tab 6 Acronyms

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