The Basics

Medicaid and SCHIP Waivers
July 30, 2008


Cynthia Shirk, Consultant


This document provides an overview of the different types of waiver authorities that are used to test new approaches to service delivery and financing of Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The document describes the structure and evolution of statewide section 1115 research and demonstration waivers and explains the “program waiver” options that are available under sections 1915(b) (“Freedom of Choice” Waivers) and 1915(c) (“Home- and Community-Based Services” Waivers) of the Medicaid statute.

Related Materials

For more detailed information on Medicaid and SCHIP waivers, see “Shaping Medicaid and SCHIP Through Waivers: The Fundamentals” (Background Paper No. 64, July 22, 2008). For information on Medicare demonstrations, see “Medicare Demonstrations” (The Basics, July 30, 2008) and “The Fundamentals of Medicare Demonstrations” (Background Paper No. 63, July 22, 2008).

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