Small-Group Session

Practicing in Groups: The Way to Quality and Efficiency?
September 14, 2007


Lisa Sprague, MBA


This invitation-only workshop for senior policymakers focused on the characteristics of physician practice most associated with an ability to improve quality of care and control costs. Among the factors discussed were visionary leadership, patient-centered culture, teamwork, health information technology, care coordination, and external evaluation of performance. The session was designed to provide some bedrock understanding of basic care delivery dynamics in multispecialty, large-group practices, especially regarding chronic care, and to serve as a lens or filter to appreciate different practice settings and the various kinds of incentive structures that might be warranted to raise the bar for all providers and thus serve all patients better. A follow-on series of NHPF sessions focusing on delivery system design and learnings from various demonstration programs and private-sector experiments now under way is anticipated.


Lawrence Casalino, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Studies, University of Chicago; Stephen M. Shortell, PhD, Dean, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley; Jim Coleman, Chief Operations Officer, Marshfield Clinic; Bruce H. Hamory, MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Geisinger Health System

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See also "The Impact of Health Plan Delivery System Organization on Clinical Quality and Patient Satisfaction" by Robin R. Gillies et al. (Health Services Research, 41, issue 4p1, pp. 1181-1191).

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