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Implementing the Health Coverage Tax Credit Program: Model for the Future?
May 7, 2004


Sally Coberly, PhD


This technical briefing provided an overview of early experiences with the Health Coverage Tax Credit program, with a special focus on implementation issues at both federal and state levels. Officials from the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Treasury described the program, which subsidizes the cost of health insurance for certain trade-displaced workers and retirees, including the infrastructure put in place to provide advance payments to insurers on behalf of participants. The experiences of states in implementing the program through high-risk pools and private insurance plans were also examined. Commentary was offered by health plan and consumer representatives. The opportunities and challenges associated with program expansion were explored.


Keith Taylor, Director, Health Coverage Tax Credit Program, Internal Revenue Service; Thomas F. Jerkovitz, Executive Director, Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan, State of Illinois; Kathryn Dostie, Trade Program Manager, Department of Labor, State of Maine; Manfred Emmrich, Director, Employment Services Division, North Carolina Employment Security Commission; Colleen M. Gallaher, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Highmark Inc.; Peter Trinidad, Contract Coordinator, United Steel Workers of America, Burns Harbor, Indiana International Steel Group; Roy Ramthun, Senior Advisor to the Secretary, U.S. Department of the Treasury

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