Forum Session

Running on Empty: The State Fiscal Crisis Worsens
October 18, 2002


Randy A. Desonia


This meeting focused on the status of state budget shortfalls and their impact on state and state-federal health programs. Speakers described the magnitude of the shortfalls and their states’ responses, including spending cuts and tax increases. Discussion explored the expected length of the budget crisis and the budget-balancing options that remained for fiscal year 2003 and beyond.


Jennifer Chambers, Legislative Assistant, Texas State Senate; Corina Eckl, Director, Fiscal Affairs Program, National Conference of State Legislatures; Richard Figueroa, Deputy Legislative Secretary, Office of Gov. Gray Davis, California; Vernon Smith, PhD, Principal, Health Management Associates

Slides from the presentations by Ms. Chambers, Ms. Eckl, and Dr. Smith are available for download.

Related Materials

More information available in the accompanying publication, Issue Brief No. 783.

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