Small-Group Session

Waiting for the Next Vision: Purchasing Health Care in Uncertain Times
October 11, 2002


Lisa Sprague, MBA & Sally Coberly, PhD


This meeting examined recent changes and key features of the California health care marketplace and reviewed the experiences of the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) in negotiating with health plans to cover 1.3 million employees and dependents in 2003. Speakers outlined the special opportunities for controlling costs in California such as disease management, pay for performance, public reporting on quality, provider price transparency, e-health, and premium adjustment. They also reviewed the strategic directions CalPERS plans to pursue over the next four years, including risk management, provider accountability, care management, and enrollee engagement.


Allen Feezor, Health Benefits Administrator, California Public Employees Retirement System; Mark Smith, MD, President, California HealthCare Foundation

Slides from the presentations by Mr. Feezor and Dr. Smith are available for download.

Related Materials

For more information on the California marketplace, see California Managed Care Review 2002, prepared by Allan Baumgarten for the California HealthCare Foundation.

See also "Managed Care: As Good As It Gets?" (Site Visit Report, January 2002).

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