Scope of Practice

Challenges of Forecasting Physician Workforce Needs Amid Delivery System Transformation
Issue Brief No. 855 — September 29, 2015
Author: Rob Cunningham, Consultant

Coaching, Connecting, Collaborating: The Community Health Worker's Role in Primary Care
Forum Session — July 31, 2015
Author: Lisa Sprague, MBA

Shifting Sands: Health Center Finances Under Health Reform
Forum Session — March 20, 2015
Author: Eileen Salinsky, MBA, Consultant

Health Policy Essentials: The Health Care Workforce
Fundamentals Briefing — February 20, 2015
Author: Sally Coberly, PhD

Health Policy Essentials 2015
Briefing Book — February 6, 2015
Authors: Sally Coberly, PhD, Jennifer Jenson, MPH, MPP & Lisa Sprague, MBA

Reconsidering Scope of Practice: The Right Medicine for Primary Care?
Forum Session — November 15, 2013
Author: Lisa Sprague, MBA

Health Workforce Needs: Projections Complicated by Practice and Technology Changes
Issue Brief No. 851 — October 22, 2013
Author: Rob Cunningham, Consultant

EMS "Hot Spotting": San Diego's Experience Creating a System of Care for Frequent Users of Emergency Medical Services
Forum Session — June 14, 2013
Author: Jessamy Taylor, MPP

Projecting Health Care Workforce Needs in an Era of Practice and Technological Change
Forum Session — April 19, 2013
Authors: Rob Cunningham, Consultant & William J. Scanlon, PhD, Consultant

Community Health Workers: A Front Line for Primary Care?
Issue Brief No. 846 — September 17, 2012
Author: Lisa Sprague, MBA

Starting with the Public Good: Nursing Education for 21st Century Care
Forum Session — June 8, 2012
Author: Lisa Sprague, MBA

Health Professions Education and Professional Obligations
The Basics — April 30, 2012
Author: Lisa Sprague, MBA

Caesar's Ghost: The Effect of the Rising Rate of C-Sections on Health Care Costs and Quality
Forum Session — March 30, 2012
Authors: Jessamy Taylor, MPP & Michele J. Orza, ScD

Expanded Scope of Practice: A Response to Demand for Primary Care?
Forum Session — November 4, 2011
Author: Lisa Sprague, MBA

Team-Based Care Takes Training: The Push for Interprofessional Education
Forum Session — June 17, 2011
Author: Lisa Sprague, MBA

Pioneering Transformation: Treating Chronic and Complex Disease in Underserved Areas
Forum Session — April 8, 2011
Author: Lisa Sprague, MBA

The Hospitalist: Better Value in Inpatient Care?
Issue Brief No. 842 — March 30, 2011
Author: Lisa Sprague, MBA

Caring for Patients with Advanced and Serious Illnesses: Changing Medical Practice and Patient Expectations
Forum Session — March 18, 2011
Author: Carol V. O'Shaughnessy, MA

Oral Health Update: Ten Years After the Surgeon General’s Report
Forum Session — January 21, 2011
Author: Jessamy Taylor, MPP

Tapping the Potential of the Health Care Workforce: Scope-of-Practice and Payment Policies for Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician Assistants
Background Paper No. 76 — July 6, 2010
Author: Robert Cunningham, Consultant

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